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all my blood

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i am so quick to meet any other woman in the eye and tell them that their body does not need to conform to any foolish cultural standard of beauty, and still i cannot stop from twisting my spine until it wants to break every time i am alone, balancing my weight on the ball of one foot and an elbow grazing the wall, grasping for anything to catch myself on before i fall after forcing myself into a space that is terrifying and unnatural from any angle but yours…

i want to tell myself i’m not fooling anyone but what i’m really scared of is that i might be, that i’m throwing myself into the sticky web of mangled, contextless Internet Girl bodies that make it so easy to forget that there are other ways of being

what i’ve already surrendered to is the fact that my perception of my physical self is based on what i can get out of edited webcam photos i took alone in my bedroom, and how many strangers will tell me i’m pretty because of them

it is a blessing and a curse to be able to edit your internet presence so easily.

i have to remember that i can be both girls


By James Fitzgerald III for Wonderzine

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Gotta put this on blast.
We never needed a white savior.

I hate this country.

What I learned from this video:

  • 100 million Native Americans died at the hands of white colonists
  • Instead of planting crops the colonists spent their days digging random holes in the ground looking for gold. They started starving and dug up Indian corpses to eat. They took Indian prisoners and forced them to teach the colonists how to farm
  • Native Americans had massive cities with tens of thousands of well constructed houses, intricate water canals and large merchant areas.
  • The Native Americans used soaps, deodorants and breath sweeteners while colonists never bathed or even took of their clothes
  • There was a delousing policy with the mantra Nits create Lice; nits being Native American babies, so their goal was to kill every Indian, including babies 
  • In the 1700’s 80% of the Federal Budget went towards eradicating the Native American population so they could take their developed farmland
  • Colonists leaders went town after town killing men women and children under the approval of George Washington
  • "Pursue Indians to extermination" -Thomas Jefferson
  • California governor (1849-1851): “extermination must continue to be waged until the Indian becomes extinct”

The main factor which prevented Native American extinction was the fact they were used for slave labor. The most prized Native Americans were young girls who were said to be valued for labor and lust (that one white dude in your ethnic studies class that says he’s 1/36th Cherokee?)

In modern times children were forced into Indian Boarding Schools whose goal was to “Kill the Indian in them”. It was federal policy. They were beaten if they used their native tongue, they were forced to dress and style their hair like whites 

This country was literally built on terrorism and mass murder. White people are savage terrorists.

Until, this is taught in schools everywhere- “history class” is merely a racism propaganda course.

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me walking in school:


me walking out of school:


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