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Little booty pride

Little booty pride

Anonymous asked: Wish you would do boob pictures. I bet they are perfect

They are. I also like to keep them private.





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I’m still crawling out of my skin and, after two years,
I still try to scrub him off in the shower and I still try to swallow and digest his whispers.

It took me a week to go back to class and listen to his smug chuckle next to me,
and listen to his stories of the girls’ virginities that he held.
And I wondered how many more of them were taken, not given.

It took me ten minutes to use a pass to go cry in the bathroom
and two months to leave school completely.

He didn’t have to hold a blade to my neck and I knew he would never hit me.
He didn’t have to
because he had twelve counts of willingness against one night of “no’s”.
He placed the words into my mouth and I can still hear myself saying:
“I know you didn’t rape me.”

I tried to drive away, but I found his sweater in the street;
a sweater he had told me was his grandpa’s.
And all I saw was myself lying there next to it, forming a pile of his nostalgic treasures that he had discarded that night.
A pile of things he used to love until he was done using them.

I wrapped myself up in his grandpa’s old sweater,
hoping that it would bring me the warmth that it had
when he had given it to me as we walked down Sunset Boulevard in December,
and hoping that it would bring me the comfort that it had
on the night that I had two beers too many
and he wrapped me in it before taking me home.
But the red and blue wool was now woven with stones from the asphalt
and it only made me shiver more furiously.

He would never come back for this tired old sweater;
A sweater now covered in mildew from the rain that night
And rough from asphalt still stuck between the buttons.

” —

Shivers by Robi Foli 

I will be reading this at my school’s gala for their literary journal. (This is now titled Sunset Boulevard, courtesy of whoever named it that because I forgot to include a name—whoops, oh well.)

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"what does your tattoo mean?"

It means I wanted it so I fucking got it

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"…so let me motherfucking love you…"

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Hair love


Hair love

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