I hate leaving her for the weekend. :(

I hate leaving her for the weekend. :(

1. I miss home. I miss so many people. I want to visit like 10 people when I go home, probably won’t happen though. But my goodness, I miss my amazingly beautiful group of people I got to see all of the time for the last 5 years. Lots of hugs and kisses this weekend.

2. School is amazing. 40 hour weeks of learning about nothing but beauty. I am constantly exhausted, but it is extremely rewarding. I will be done in a year and I will get to nestle back Into cedar falls with Jenna and my babies.

3. Still lonely. Still sexless. Still relating to nuns. I don’t even know what to do and rarely feel like i am functioning from the lack of intimacy of any kind.

Two rips on an empty stomach.

Home sick post.
I had a really really good life in cedar falls. It holds a huge part of my heart.

Haven’t shaved my legs in two years, And look I still got babe legs!

I haven’t actively tried to lose weight or change my body in over 2 years.
I have gathered beautiful tattoos, soft curves, and the prettiest piercings.
It has been the most liberating years of my life.

Bare booty for anon.
Featuring panty lines on my skin.

Bare booty for anon.
Featuring panty lines on my skin.

Thankful for everything Jenna has done for me.
Honestly more than anyone else has.
She is sorta like my guardian angel.


Bowl of chili
Miss wednesday
Heating pad
Practical magic

I have my very first client at aveda tomorrow. Feeling nervous, but really confident/good about it too.

I go to school with around 200 girls for 9 hours everyday.

I want to pull all of the mean girl’s hair.
I also want to pull all of the pretty girl’s hair.