I don’t want to explain/defend my feminism anymore
I don’t want to explain my romantic needs to you/why I am allowed romantic needs
I don’t want to explain why I don’t drink
I don’t want to explain why I hate slut shaming
I don’t want to explain why slurs are not okay
I don’t want to explain white privilege
I don’t want explain why I took a leave from school
I don’t want to explain why I don’t shave
I don’t want to explain rape culture and why rape jokes are triggering
I don’t want to explain and validate my chronic and mental illnesses

I kinda want everyone to fuck off honestly. (Or maybe just be decent human beings just because you should be. Idk.)

Boyfriend is shaving his head today. 😥

Watch cosmos: a spacetime odyssey on Netflix

Sorta cheesy, but really good and very important.

Sex and the city
And the nanny on demand.

Sleepy//anxious about every single thing. (Going back to school, going back to 50+ hour weeks, Jenna moving home, living alone, moving when I literally don’t have time, the guilt of how much mom my has/will have to financially support me, doctor visits/testing, my obsession with cleaning that I don’t always have time for.)

Trying to change my “I can’t” mindset to “I can.”
Any tips? Or any good reads on the topic/mental wellness?

For the first time in my life I am not the depressed one in a relationship.
It’s a whole different view from this side. I feel helpless and I miss romance/sex/laughter/excitement in your eyes to see me. I don’t know what to do. I guess for today I’ll let you sleep in bed for as long you need. I’ll feed you. I’ll take care of you. I’ve been there, I’ve so been there baby.

I wish I could take world history classes…
Just like, for fun.

Oh yeah everyone but me wants to get stupid wasted.
Oh yeah I have social anxiety.
(Why did I leave my bed?)

To grow out my baby bangs or to not grow out my baby bangs?

Gonna hide out for awhile cuz I just got the implanon contraceptive put in and I am sooooo moody. I want to cry and yell and give up and feel extreme calmness all with in a 30 minute span. I also get extremely angry and irritated as fuck at every little thing. I feel crazy. I feel like my blood is constantly boiling.

Also I think my bf hates me and doesn’t want to see me, because I freaked out really bad on him. But he doesn’t understand that I literally am bursting with hormones and I can’t control myself at all.

Anyone been on the implant and have any advice? Been on it for two weeks and thus far it is really putting a strain on my relationships, because I can’t control my emotions.